Lost Paradise SXM

Let your dreams happen by taking the sea with us in Sint Maarten island!

Lost Paradise SXM – Boat charters and rental in Saint Martin

what better way to do that other than getting lost in paradise !

From boat rentals without captain to the most exclusive VIP charter and VIP Transportation, we offer it all. We have a deep passion for the sea and the beautiful islands that are scattered here in our Caribbean seas. Enjoy the moments where memories will be made for a lifetime. Take a break from your hectic and busy lifestyle to free your mind, body and soul, what better way to do that other than getting lost in paradise! (Boats Rentals - Exclusive VIP Charter and VIP Transports)

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Rentals boats (without Captain)

Let’s enjoy the sea with the best rentals boats available on the island. Ours MAKOS are known as very dry boats with comfort, speed, durability and really made for our waters...

From $1800



Let’s get lost on our paradisiac and very exclusive boat to enjoy your time on our beautifull waters. Explore our beautifull places, islands, reefs and famous attractions in the surroundings islands, swim...

On request

VIP transports "El Diablo"

Travel with speed and class and enjoy the benefits of spending more time enjoying, after all, time is always precious. Our exceptional boat offers the Highest level of Luxe and enjoyment...

Soon available

Yacht support

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